Modern Vehicles use a range of steels including Boron, High Strength and Ultra High Strength in their manufacture. L & M Smash uses the latest technology and machinery available to Fan Mig and Inverter Welders and equipment.


L & M Smash was the first company in Australia to import Autorobot after Garry Maher at the age of 23 was invited to attend a European Study Tour. The first bench was imported from Finland arrived a few months after and was a great asset to the business for many years. On a trip to the United States, Bill Maher was invited to attend a day at Chief Automotive on his return home.It sent Garry to do a week’s course at one of their facilities in California. Garry was that impressed not just with the machinery but with the training, a new bench was ordered and commissioned. It did not take long and next thing we were training other repairers and assessors how to repair chassis frames and badly damaged mono frames. Today, L & M SMASH is recognized as a 4wd and Chassis Frame Specialist and use laser computer technology.


Is a high tech system for repairing body panels and light structural damage . When combined with our Chief Benches, we are able to repair damaged parts that would normally have to be replaced.


The current facility operates 3 full-time ovens to force dry colour and clears for the new 2 pack paint systems. Three mobile infrared heaters are also used for small repairs and priming.


A range of systems from dust extraction, air filtration, recycling of materials and parts, cardboard and paper recycling and water waste management are used on a daily basis.